Collection: Hybride; Tête en silicone + corps en TPE

Difficile de décider quels matériaux de poupées sexuelles sont en votre faveur ? Ces poupées sexuelles hybrides offrent la meilleure combinaison. La durabilité et le réalisme des têtes en silicone Shanels Doll sont excellents. Avec une tête en silicone, vous profitez d'un visage et d'un maquillage plus réalistes ; des cheveux et des sourcils implantés sont disponibles.
Hybride; Tête en silicone + corps en TPE

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Le prix le plus élevé est de $4,150.00


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Advantages of using silicone on sex doll

Silicone is medical grade and food grade materials

Technology material retains warmth and is less sensitive to heat

More resistant to heat, water. and stains from clothes

Non-porous material doesn't retain humifity, making cleaning hygienic and easy to desinfect

Even when subjected to extreme pressure, silicone maintains its original shape. That makes it more realistic and lifelike

Hyppoallergenic, human body contact is not prone to allergies.


What is the estimated delivery time ?

Production time of doll is different due to different materials and customs dolls.

For silicone doll it is about 15-20 days.

For TPE doll it is about 7-10 days

Shipping time to your home is about 8-12days.

How can i know wether the doll is exactly the same as photos show ?

Before shipping, we will check and take photos / videos to get your confirmation. Our team member is always available if you need more information and we are very confident about what we are selling.

What eles will be sent with the doll?

Every doll comes with the Manual, Wig, Cleaning device, heating rod and clothing. Due to shipping restrictions the repair kit is not allowed with the dolls, but if you need it we will send it to you afterwards by another method.

How to maintain the doll? Do I enjoy after-sale service?

Please maintain the doll as suggested in the manual. If you have any problems, you can contact us, we will help you.

We are responsible for shipping and quality issues, and you will be enjoying a lifetime service

How can I check the autenticity of my doll?

Each Doll has an anti-fake code in its manual. Please check the authenticity here.