From what materials are SHANELS toys made of?

Each pleasure toy is constructed from specially engineered body-safe silicone, enhancing its waterproof capabilities.

Above all, these toys are designed for long-lasting durability, ensuring safe and reliable use during all intimate moments.

Be sure to store your toys in a cool, dry place, away from extreme heat or direct sunlight.

What should I get as my first sex toy?

You can start with a vibrator if clitoral stimulation is your thing. This method often leads to orgasm for most women, but a portion of women may find greater satisfaction through G-spot stimulation or exploring less familiar erogenous areas.

If you're uncertain, check out our wide selection of affordable toys and have fun discovering yourself!

How can I properly sanitize my sex toys?

Properly cleaning your sex toys is essential to reduce the risk of infections, diseases, and extend their lifespan.

You can effectively clean the majority of sex toys with gentle soap and water.

Be cautious when using scented cleaners, as they have the potential to cause irritation or disrupt the pH balance in your genital area.

Which type of lubricant should I use with my sex toys?

You will want to use a WATER-BASED lubricant to use with your toys.

Cleaning up is a breeze and won't stain your bedding or clothing.

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